A Taste of SoulCollage®

May 25th, 12:00PM | A Taste of SoulCollage®

SoulCollage® is an intuitive and creative process that uses self-created collage cards for self-reflection, self-awareness, and is a tool for transforming lives and overcoming challenges. This workshop will focus on the two essential elements of SoulCollage®: intuitively finding compelling images and allowing them speaking aloud to you. This will be followed by journaling from the image’s point of view using the SoulCollage® "I AM ONE WHO…" process.

You don’t need any artistic skills to participate. The process involves making SoulCollage® Cards which are generally 5"x 8" collages from pictures and images that intuitively call to you. Participants can then contemplate and journal using prompts to guide their discovery. Mindfulness and meditation are used to help participants connect with their soul wisdom. No experience in meditation or mindfulness is necessary.

This is a 2-hour in-person workshop held at the Center for Spiritual Living in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The workshop costs $30, and participants must register in advance. All card-making materials will be provided.

This workshop is perfect for those new to SoulCollage® and benefits experienced card-makers who want dedicated time and space for card-making, witnessing, and connecting with others. All levels are welcome and no prior experience is necessary.

You may want to consider bringing a journal with you to reflect upon your experiences during the workshop and record any insights gained through the process.

Your Facilitator

Laura is a teacher, author, artist, spiritual leader, and certified SoulCollage® facilitator. With over 30 years of experience facilitating transformative workshops for adults, she brings a wealth of knowledge and depth of consciousness to each workshop.

All participants must register in advance. If you have any questions, please email them to revlaura@cslglv.org



May 25th, 12:00PM
A Taste of SoulCollage®